“HaPaamon” Neighborhood

the leading residential neighborhood in Afula

Bottom line: The combination of innovative urban construction and green, embracing environment, make the neighborhood particularly attractive for the city residents, and sets a new standard of life quality in Afula and the Northern District in general.

Location: Afula.

Project description: For the first time in Afula – a neighborhood of top-quality towers, which is expected to double the city population. The neighborhood includes green areas, gardens, a sports complex, schools, commercial area and a large park that crosses the neighborhood and connects the city with the Kishon River.

Details: Diverse buildings of 5-20 floors. A total of ≈7,000 housing units.

Architects: Eran Mebel, one of Israel’s leading architects.

Project Manager: Irit Gil, Urban Planner. 

Law Firm: Avraham Lalum & Co.

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